Equipment, Products & Services.

Dukinfield Induction Heating Services Ltd specialises soleley in the design, manufacture and repair of a wide range of induction heating coils, quenches, furnace coils, RF & MF transformers, HF busbars, flexible power leads, crank shaft inductors, billet heating boxes, chokes, laminated coils and intensified coils, for use on a worldwide range of generators including, Solid State, Radyne, Wild Barfield, Crossley, EMA Tocco, Inductoheat Banyard, Cheltenham, AEG and Delapina generators, including the latest state of the art equipment

Our Products range from 13mm intensified coils to 4 metre long billet coils for heating 130mm billets. Our products and services are used in a broad spectrum of industries including, automotive, supply chain, power generation and offshore applications.


Applications in which our products are used –

– Bending
– Hardening
– Heating
– Melting
– Curing
– Drying

– Tempering
– Soldering
– Getter Firing
– Forging
– Thread Locking
– Heat Shrinking


We manufacture inductors to harden the following components –

– Axle Shafts
– Crankshafts
– Camshafts
– Halfshafts
– Shafts(single shot)
– Gears

– Constant Velocity
– Joints Sockets
– Pins
– Bores
– Blades
– Selector Forks

Hardening Coil with Quench

One-shot hardening coil with laminations and combine quench used for heat treatment automotive components

Tube Hardening Quench Boxes

Quench boxes manufactured to customer specifications used for tube quenching following heat treatment

Tube Welding Coil

We manufacture and repair tube welding coils, banded and multiturn coils to customers specification. We also manufacture and repair induction transformers, bus bars, coil clamping fixtures and water cooled power leads.

Toroidal transformer

Toroidal transformer being installed in a protective housing prior to being shipped alongside is a pair of spot hardening coils used in the automotive industry

Billet Heating Coil

We manufacture and repair a range of billet and bar heating coil boxes with or without water called rails for forging and bar hardening

Wire & Cable Heating Coils

Coil boxes manufactured by Dukinfield shown prior to shipment these type of coil boxes used for various heat treatment processes in the cable and wire industries

Buzz Bar & Heating Coil

Coil and bus bar manufactured to customer specification for heating small bars you for forging in the fastener industries

Crankshaft Inductors

We design and build inductors to band hardened or fillet hardened pins, mains and flanged bearings on diesel and petrol crankshafts

Pipe Heating Coil

Subsea pipeline coil with laminations used for pre-heat and post heat in preparation for pipeline welding

Quench Box

Quench box designed to flood quench automotive axle shafts

Furnace Coil

Furnace coil prior to being fitted in a outer case and cast with a ceramic liner for the induction melting of a wide range of materials prior to casting

Power Leads

Dukinfield induction supply to customers specifications water cooled power leads and hoses with various fittings we offer stocks of popular size hose and can offer quick turnaround

High Frequency Transformer

RF transformer used in a variety of industries for heat treatment application the one shown hardening push rod ends

Scanning Coil

Single turn coil with following quench use for scan hardening a range of shafts components using the automotive, agricultural and hydraulic industries

Power Transformer

We manufacture and repair variable tapping power transformers for induction heating on a wide range of applications

Refurbished Transformer

We manufacture and repair variable tapping transformers with a range of contacts and contact adaptors used for induction heating on a wide range of applications